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The meeting point where you will be divided into your class is at 9:00 am at the bottom of the Hausberg. Please find us at the Hausberg parking lot under the large sign with our ski school logo on it.

Due to the current situation we try to limit the number of participants in the groups to 8 persons. This of course also increases the learning intensity and the learning progress. For children groups with 4 year old beginners the number of participants is limited to 5.

Ski School Alpin reserves the right to consolidate groups or shorten classes.

We will sort you after you have booked your class, according to the information you provide us with about your skiing abilities.

In the beginning it takes a little bit of patience to sort everybody out. Our instructors will do this in the most efficient manner possible so we can start our lessons on time. If, at the end of the day, you still feel like you or your child  are in the wrong class, go ahead and talk to your instructor about it.

Of course! Adult as well as children classes all start at the same time at the same place at the bottom of the Hausberg and end the same place and time at the top of the Hausberg. This guarantees an easy pickup of your children. No child will be left unattended, until you or someone you designated, have picked them up after lessons.

For beginners specifically, we recommend 3-5 days to obtain the best possible immersion.
Those days need to be booked consecutively.

Yes. Out of security reasons all children are required to wear a helmet during lessons. You can rent the helmet in our office. Kids helmets are free of charge when you book a lesson.

Of course you can rent your equipment with us. We can provide you with skiing, snowboarding and cross-country gear.

No, the lift tickets will need to be purchased extra. One day or multi day passes are available at the bottom of each gondola station in the valley. We gladly advise you in our office.

Yes. Everyone will have to purchase a ticket, even kids under the age of 6. The beginner area is at the top of the Hausberg, and you will need at least a “Kinderland Karte” to get there.

We will arrange a meeting point at the time of booking, at our ski school office.

It does not make sense for children under the age of 4 to participate in a skiing lesson since their physical abilities aren’t advanced enough.

No you do not need to reserve anything. We have plenty of equipment to rent to you when you get here.

Yes we either need a passport/id card or €250.00 - €400.00 cash, depending on the type of equipment.

You will pay for the equipment when you bring it back. Therefore you will not need to know how many days you will rent the equipment, when you pick it up.

You can take your rentals with you, starting at 3 pm the day before.

Everyone of our skis has a barcode and a number. Please memorize this number to ensure you taking the right skis. We will not take back any equipment, not belonging to us. We will have to charge you for any missing equipment.

Out of insurance reasons, we cannot adjust bindings other than those of our own equipment. We also cannot mount bindings. Please visit a sport store for these services.

Our Team includes about 15 instructors.

All instructors are above 18 years of age.

All our instructors visit annual clinics to ensure they can teach you the newest techniques.

Skischule Alpin
Reintalstraße 8
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Fon: +49 (0) 88 21  88 83

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