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Infection protection concept for the Covid-19 pandemic of the Skischule Alpin (status: 14.12.2021) based on the concept of the German Ski Instructors Association DSLV.

1. Principle:

Winter sports are firmly anchored in society as a whole. It gives support, motivation, perspective, confidence, emotions and many people in Germany also a job. Sport helps to cope with the mental and physical aspects of everyday life, strengthens the immune system and increases one's energy level. Sporting activities in nature play a decisive role in this, as being out in the fresh air adds to the physical and mental exercise and has a positive effect on people. Sport and exercise in nature makes it easier to observe distance rules and reduces the risk of infection.

2. Objective:

The Skischule Alpin wants to ensure that skiing is possible in times of Corona. To be able to guarantee this, we have defined certain conditions and rules whose implementation and observance are controlled so that we can all practice this wonderful sport in nature with joy, pleasure and positive emotions.

Our goal is to prevent infections in the context of ski courses through prudence, caution and clear guidelines. Should an infection have occurred and been detected in our environment, it is our task to identify all contact persons in the shortest possible time so that they are informed accordingly.

3. Rules for the tender of ski and snowboard courses:

The customers are already informed about the 2G regulation and the 2G regulation of the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn and the infection protection concept of the Skischule Alpin in connection with the offer on the homepage and by mail.

The general terms and conditions have been adapted accordingly, such as the obligation to comply with the 2G regulation, distance and hygiene rules (AHA rule), possible consequences of non-compliance, exclusion from participation in courses in the presence of infection or symptoms incl. cancellation conditions, cancellation of courses by the ski school, withdrawal and cancellation conditions (e.g. withdrawal by the customer in case of infection or symptoms), obligation on the part of the customer to inform the ski school immediately and truthfully.

4. Rules for registration of ski and snowboard courses:

For the registration of customers, the online booking (booking form on the homepage) and the booking by email are in the foreground.

Each customer confirms already in advance with his booking to have read the GTC's of the Skischule Alpin including the participation requirements for the courses. Thus he has the knowledge to attend the course only in a healthy physical condition, in case of Covid-19 appearing symptoms as well as in case of a Covid-19 infection not to appear to the course. Furthermore, he/she has the state of knowledge not to have any contact with a proven infected person in the past 14 days before the beginning of the course. The postponement of a course in such cases after consultation possible.

The data in the online booking is used for course preparation and also for tracking possible chains of infection.

Covid-19 infected people or people with the symptoms that appear in Covid-19 cannot participate in the course. For clients under 18 years of age, this confirmation must be provided by their legal guardians.

5. Rules for the organization of ski and snowboard courses:

The SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety rules, issued by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for additional occupational health and safety measures for the protection against infection in the workplace, we will comply in the Skischule Alpin optimally according to our circumstances. Furthermore the 2G regulation (recovered, vaccinated) is valid for the ski rental as well as for the ski school.

The well-known distance rules of at least 1.5 m are to be kept at our snow sports courses. When supervising as well as teaching children, it is a bit more difficult to keep the distances. From experience, it is neither possible nor reasonable to demand that distance rules be observed, especially with children of kindergarten age. However, with the required closeness and attention, we will make sure that the ski instructor explains his "reserved" behavior to the children at the beginning and is careful to avoid direct close eye contact (face to face) when behaving.

Hygiene rules such as regular hand hygiene with liquid soap for guests and staff, as well as regular cleaning and shock ventilation of premises and of all used materials and equipment with liquid soap and disinfectant are to be applied. In our premises, Plexiglas screens have been installed at the counter and at the rental between customers and employees. The obligatory wearing of a mouth-nose protection is valid for customers (also children from 6 years) and employees in the ski school office, in the shuttle bus and at the meeting point.

We have adapted the organizational procedures in the ski school office in connection with the care of guests to our spatial conditions. This applies to the max. number of people allowed to be in our ski school office at the same time (1 household + ski school staff), to the provision of disinfectants, to information boards and path markings/barriers, information on the procedure for personal course registration.

In order to be able to trace the chains of infection in the event of an infection occurring during the ski rental, the customer's address and telephone number are recorded in the rental contract. This data is kept in the ski school until the end of the current winter and then destroyed.

Our individual protection measures (2G regulation, transport rules, mouth-nose protection, distance rules, reservation, organization, etc.) are coordinated with our ski area operator, the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn (www.zugspitze.de), and both our customers and our employees are made aware of the respective regulations.

We will practice customer and employee management in such a way that the relevant contact persons can be traced at any time in the event of a proven infection and passed on to the relevant authorities.

In this context, we recommend that our customers and employees use the Corona warning app of the German federal government.

6. Rules for conducting ski and snowboard courses:

The assembly area provides sufficient space for all groups to meet with their instructors, observing applicable spacing rules. Greetings are made without the usual handshake, i.e. non-contact. If children in particular need the ski instructor's help (equipment, boots, bindings, etc.), care should be taken to ensure that the ski instructor assists standing to one side so that close direct contact can be avoided.

At the meeting point, in the ski school office and in the shuttle bus, it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose protection. The different forms of organization in the lessons are selected in such a way that the applicable distance rules of at least 1.5 m must be observed (exception possibly for children).

Fewer guests per instructor (max. 8 participants) facilitates the observance of the organizational rules and thus the protection of our guests and teachers.

The organization of breaks during the course will be done in such a way that distance and hygiene rules are respected. The responsible persons and the ski instructors will control the observance of rules and should ask guests/customers and other snow sportsmen to observe the rules in case of disregard. Customers who permanently disobey the instructions of the instructors or the persons in charge may be excluded from further participation in the course.

7. Rules for the guests:

We inform our customers about the measures for their protection as well as about the applicable 2G regulation, 2G regulation at the ski area and the distance and hygiene rules when offering courses.

We inform our customers about the obligatory wearing of a mouth-nose protection in the ski school office, at the meeting point and in the shuttle bus. In the catering trade, the respective rules of the company concerned apply.

Each guest/customer must check their current health status. Covid-19 infected people or people with symptoms of Covid-19 cannot participate in the course.

Currently the 2G rule applies: vaccinated and recovered. We, as the Skischule Alpin, are obliged to check this by the guest presenting us with the appropriate certificate of vaccination or recovery in combination with appropriate photo identification, which is required for access, use, participation in/to extracurricular educational activities including professional training, further education, mountain railroads, bus and train travel, and the like. Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from the 2G rule. Pupils from the age of 12, who are subject to regular testing as part of their school attendance, currently still have a special status until 31.12.21 and are allowed to use ski courses and cable cars even unvaccinated until the end of the year (https://zugspitze.de/corona).

We ask guests/customers to refrain from participating in après-ski events. We recommend our guests to use the Corona app of the German government and to carry the smartphone with them during the course.

The classic retail Corona rules apply to the indoor area ski school and ski rental. After receiving the service used, we politely ask our customers to vacate the premises for the next guests. Our staff can also ask the guests to do this. We ask for their understanding so that we can ensure the operation at all.

8. Rules for ski and snowboard instructors:

The ski and snowboard instructors are already informed about the infection protection concept of our ski school during the preparation for the winter (among others 2G rule, obligatory wearing of a mouth-nose protection, non-contact greeting of the guests, ...). Our employees must also check their current state of health. The 2G rule applies to them as well: vaccinated, recovered.

We recommend our teachers to use the Corona warning app of the German government and to carry the smartphone with them during the course.

We urge our teachers to refrain from attending après-ski events altogether.

9. Liability situation / coverage:

We have adapted our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) to the participation requirements and implementation regulations applicable in times of the Covid 19 pandemic and will revise them as necessary. This concerns the rights and obligations of our guests/customers as well as the rights and obligations of the ski school. We will clarify and adjust our individual insurance situation with regard to corporate liability in the event of an outbreak of an infectious event as part of the course offering.

Information for our guest coming from Munich and the surrounding area:

Garmischer Ski-Ticket

Traveling by train with the DB Regio Oberbayern from Munich directly to the Garmisch-Classic ski resort is especially stress free as well as environmentaly aware.

For only €54,- (adults) the train shuttles you without traffic jams directly from Munich to the Garmisch Classic ski area at the Hausberg. Our ski school meeting point is located directly below the Hausberg Gondola building where you can join your ski instructor. Showing your Garmisch Ski Ticket at the cashiers will get you your ski passes, which are included in the price of the train ticket.
Please note that our ski school office is located 5-10 walking minutes away from the main train station in the Partenkirchen part of the town, not at the Hausberg.

You can find further information about the Garmischer Ski Ticket under:

Info Garmischer-Ski-Ticket (english)

Our Team includes about 15 instructors.

All instructors are above 18 years of age.

All our instructors visit annual clinics to ensure they can teach you the newest techniques.

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